HITS ONLY: Subscription Pokemon Card for MASSIVE VALUE

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Only Want the Hits? Want to support the "Van Plan"?

We have a special subscription called "Hits Only" for kids wanting powerful cards only. Eliminate the waste with 1 high powered card each month.

"Hits Only" gives families a chance to receive fun mystery Pokemon cards in the mail, support our venture to get the pokévan and receive pins and badges as you show up for in person events.


Our Pokemon cards are carefully selected to appeal to both new and experienced collectors alike, with popular and highly sought-after cards included in every delivery. And with our subscription service, you'll never have to worry about missing out on the latest releases or rare cards. We'll keep your collection up-to-date with the newest and most popular cards available.

But that's not all - our service is designed to make collecting Pokemon cards easy and convenient for families. With our bulk deliveries, you'll have plenty of cards to share and trade with each other, making it the perfect activity for family game night or bonding time. And with our prize raffle drawing, there's always an extra element of excitement and anticipation with each delivery.

So why wait? Sign up for HITS ONLY today and start building your family's Pokemon card collection in a fun and easy way!

Cards are Delivered MONTHLY!


We are developing a "training system" for our young Pokemon trainers as a part of the membership to mark their progress as they trade, play and meet up. Think of this like the karate-belt of pokemon cards. With badges and tests and quizzes, this is a fun way for your kids to grow in their knowledge and progress of the game and hobby!


We are launching this membership is a way to bring some fun and value to families, please know that your support helps us get closer to getting the coveted Pokemon Van that we can setup a mobile card store and recording studio for our content!

*Cards are randomized in lots and POWERFUL CARDS are included in each package. Cards and content will vary from pack to pack. All cards in NM/LP condition and sent with protective wrapping. Contents vary!

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A Beefy Stash of Pokemon Cards Delivered to Your Door!

Powerful Pokemon Cards
Delivered MONTHLY
Badges and Pins
Prizes and More!
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$14 a month

HITS ONLY: Subscription Pokemon Card for MASSIVE VALUE

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